Our Vision

We love IT.
We love architecture.
As a team of architects and computer scientists, we believe in a synergy of both.

Our goal is to overcome the contradiction between architecture and technocratic IT using surprisingly simple strategies and tools. This is what we campaign for every day.

Kaulquappe is the German term for ”tadpole” – an animal which metaphorically represents a remarkable change only achieved through further development of existing potentials.


Our rationale is based on the following four points:

1.     Our IT approaches are designed with architecture in mind: Standard IT is no solution for us! Why do we think that? IT requirements of architectural practices differ from the ones for standard administrative offices. Our concepts and approaches are aligned with today`s tasks and requirements in the field of architecture and are developed in collaboration with our clients.

2. We are focused on results: Due to the increasing complexity in architectural practices, it is necessary to focus (more than ever) on one fact: success is dependent upon the realistic analysis of the client’s needs . A systematic evaluation and knowledge of the workflow is neccesary for the realization of the client’s needs.

3. Contemporary tools and strategies: We exclusively rely on innovative, modern techniques and service concepts in order to develop and propose efficient processes. Surprisingly simple and fast solutions with a great impact, can now be realized.

4. Simple and direct: IT is fun, haven`t you noticed? We tried to step back and ask: “What exactly does an architect need at work?” We develop intuitive and goal oriented service concepts and solutions which are fun. No unnessessary features and complicated applications, but simple and direct techniques.