Our vision for architects & construction industry

Our vision: We think there is a great potential for a metamorphosis. 

Kaulquappe is the German term for ”tadpole” – an animal which metaphorically represents a remarkable change only achieved through further development of existing potentialsOur goal is to overcome the contradiction between architecture and technocratic IT using surprisingly simple strategies and tools. This is what we campaign for every day.

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Kaulquappe Profile

We understand ourselves as IT partners for architectural practices, landscape designers and companies of the construction industry. Our approach is to efficiently and specifically solve IT affairs.

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Kaulquappe Clients

Since years we support offices & businesses in the development and management of their IT environments, the design & simplicifaction of processes and the planning & execution of building projects.



Kaulquappe Projects

Our business activities include all IT affairs starting with classical IT support up, specific software for architects or support services with digital planning like BIM or parametric design: